Illustrations for Wedding Invites

You would want your invitation to stand out and be remembered, don't you? 

That's exactly what you would find here! Special customised illustrations for your invitation that makes it unique from the rest

Creative, quirky, cute and personalised illustrations to make your  special day extra special! 


Templates for Wedding

Here are some cute and lively templates of E-invites to make your important day extra special! 

Custom Illustrations

Custom illustrations and design for logos, book covers, visiting cards, character doodle, doodle/cartoon portraits, wall decor, visiting cards, birthday and other invitations, etc... basically anything under the sun :)

Welcome to the quirky universe of Boby Pinz!
Namratha is a freelance illustrator who loves to doodle, paint, illustrate and craft. Being creative from a young age, Boby Pinz is a reflection of her creativity. 
Find yourself looking at quirky wall art, cute hand painted mini art, cute kids books, illustrations for bespoke wedding invitations and illustration/ design services for cards, invites, doodle portraits etc.
The list here would keep growing, so keep coming back for more! 


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